VOX ToneLab EX Valvetronix Electric Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal

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VOX ToneLab EX Valvetronix Electric Guitar Effects & Amp Simulator Pedal

The VOX ToneLab EX is a versatile multi-effects pedalboard that combines amp modeling with real tube-driven tone. It features 33 amp models, 11 cabinet models, and 44 different effects including distortion, modulation, delay, and reverb. The ToneLab EX is equipped with a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube, which enhances the realism and warmth of the amp simulations, a hallmark of VOX's Valvetronix technology.

The pedal includes 200 preset and user-programmable slots, allowing for a wide range of sounds suitable for various musical styles. Additionally, it offers practical features such as a built-in tuner, noise reduction, and a USB port for easy recording and integration with computer software. The ToneLab EX is praised for its robust build, portability, and the ability to recreate a vast array of classic and modern tones.

Loads of features. Won't break the bank. Would be good for a child or beginner to have some fun and experiment with.

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