Yamaha CS-10 Vintage Analogue Monophonic Keyboard Synthesiser - 100V

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Yamaha CS-10 Monophonic Analogue Synthesiser - 100V

The CS-10 is a great electronic, dance and trance musical instrument because it is analogue, monophonic and has a really great filter that is capable of warm bubbly analogue bass and lead sounds. The CS-10 has a simple design and layout with plenty of knobs which allow for real time editing. It has one oscillator and a switchable low-pass, band-pass or hi-pass resonant filter. The LFO can modulate the filter cutoff, volume, pitch and VCO. Another great feature is that external audio can be routed through the filter!


• This is a used unit.

 This unit is in good condition for a 43 year old synth. It shows some general wear from use and age like some small scratches. There is a medium to large section on the back where there is obvious marks from where some tape use to be, some of the black finish has come off here too. These do not affect the use or functions of this unit at all. One side panel had a crack which was glued, and the other has a small chip missing from the front. All text is clear and legible. Please see photos for further details. 

• This unit is 100% functional and sounds great! All switches and pots are functioning as they should. It has no faults to note. 

• Please note this unit is 100V. You MUST power on this unit with the correct step-down transformer. If you are unsure about this please send us a message as we would be glad to help you out. We have some for sale HERE. 

  If you purchase from overseas you may also need a step-down. Please get in touch if you need a hand sourcing the correct item.


Polyphony - Monophonic

Oscillators - 1 VCO + white noise (sawtooth, variable PW)

LFO - 1 LFO (sine or sawtooth with rate speed)

Filter - 1 multi-mode VCF

VCA - 2 ADSR envelopes

Keyboard - 37 keys

Control - CV / Gate

Date Produced - 1977


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