Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator Sample Based Synthesiser 1U Rack Mount Module - 100V

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 Yamaha TG55 Tone Generator 80's / 90's Sample Based Synthesiser 1U Rack Mount Module - 100V

The TG55 is basically a 16-bit sample playback based synth module. The synthesis method used in the TG55 is called AWM2. The name stands for Advanced Wave Memory 2nd generation. In its 2MB sample ROM, amongst 74 waveforms there are 50 acoustic instruments, 16 drum sounds, 8 digital waveforms – all of them are sampled in 16-bit depth and at 32 or 48 kHz sample rate.

The TG55’s sample oscillators are called "elements" - each patch consists of 1, 2, or 4 of them. The maximum polyphony is 16 voices.
The factory sounds are those quite typical early nineties, but don’t judge it by only the presets. It has strengths like nice ambient pads, or new-age synths – they can sound crisp and clear. Considering its age, it hasn’t got the most realistic acoustic patches, but in case of deeper programming, this module is really capable of much more. It also has waveform and data expansion card slots for expandability.

What’s more, TG55 has 2 digital resonant filters (HP/LP, and LP - both with 12dB/oct), LFO with 3 possibilities (to amplitude, to pitch or to filter cutoff) , 3 Envelope Generators - 5 stages envelope, and 34 programmable digital effects (reverb 8-types, delay, stereo panning delay, gate and distortion) for shaping the sounds further. (Vinatge Synth Explorer) 


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