Zoom RhythmTrack RT-123 90's Small Drum & Bass Rhythm Machine

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Zoom RhythmTrack RT-123 90's Small Drum & Bass Rhythm Machine

The zoom RT-123 was released in 1999. These versatile rhythm machines are packed full of great features and work wonders in a huge range of applications. Want to add a little kick and spice to your demos? The RT-123 delivers great drum, percussion and rhythm tracks to help that song really come to life in the early stages. The RT-123 gives you 80 drum kits, 25 bass programs, 30 voices and 297 preset patterns. This drum machines allows you to Play cool backing patterns made up of two drum tracks and one bass track. 297 preset patterns provide a wide variety of popular rhythms. 99 additional patterns can be programmed and stored by the user. Create a backing sequence (song) with up to 99 patterns. As many as 99 songs can be stored. The Self-lighting pads indicate when sound is produced so while playing patterns or songs, you can check the rhythm visually as well. This unit is Simple and intuitive controls make it a snap to operate the RT-123 even if you have never used a drum machine or sequencer before.


 This is a used unit. 

• This unit shows a small amount of wear from use and age. Nothing major at all. Mostly the pads have started to yellow. Please see photos. 

• This unit has been thoroughly tested and is working as it should.

•  A generic power supply will be included for Australian buyers only.  

• This sale is for the unit and power supply only. Nothing else is included in this sale. 


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