Zoom ST-224 SampleTrak Drum / Groove Machine & Sampler

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Zoom ST-224 SampleTrak Drum / Groove Machine & Sampler

The Zoom Sampletrak ST-224 is a compact and versatile sampler introduced in the late 1990s, designed for musicians and producers seeking an affordable and easy-to-use sampling solution. It allows users to store up to 32 samples in memory across three banks, each holding up to eight samples. The ST-224 offers three sampling grades: Hi-fi at 32 kHz, Standard at 16 kHz, and Lo-fi at 8 kHz, providing a range of sound quality options to suit different needs.

One of its standout features is its built-in effects bank, which includes options for manipulating and processing audio in creative ways. The ST-224 also supports resampling, enabling users to resample their own patterns while the sequencer is running—something not commonly found in other loop samplers of its time​. Additionally, it includes practical features like quantise and shuffle functions, making it particularly effective for beat-making and loop-based music production​


  • This is a used unit. 

  • This unit is in great condition for its age. It shows a small amount of wear. This includes some small nicks and scratches. Nothing major at all. Please see all photos. 

  • This unit is 100% functional. All controls work as they should. 

  • This unit uses a 9V negative centre power supply. This power supply will only be included for Australian and New Zealand buyers. 

  • This sale is for the SampleTrak and PSU (AU & NZ only). Nothing else is included in this sale unless mentioned above. 


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